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Accentuate the Positive

Accentuate the Positive

Published Monday, August 1, 2011 7:00 am

S.E.I. is the new emergence of the oldest nationwide scuba teaching program and is carrying on the development of the first diving rescue course in the United States.

S.E.I. is an international agency with agents, representatives, instructors and students in many countries worldwide.

S.E.I. courses meet and exceed the minimum course content for open water scuba diver certification required by the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC).

S.E.I. offers the most thorough training program in the industry.  This is built on the standards and integrity of our instructors, who collectively understand and value the
benefits of education.  Simply stated, the quality of the divers we train is testament to our instructional program. 

S.E.I.s traditional Open Water Diver course includes 32 hours of classroom/pool time.  If the course minimum of 24 hours is used, additional work is required during open water training.  Having a complete diver education makes the students better prepared for open water diving and not be dependent on a divemaster for their diving safety.  There is recognition worldwide that our students are not only certified divers, but also have the knowledge and skills to be trusted and proficient on dive expeditions.  (From an S.E.I. instructor: I cannot tell you how often my students call and tell me that when they were on dive trips, the DM's would ask them to help supervise other divers, only because they knew that they had an S.E.I. certification.)

S.E.I. produces quality materials at affordable prices so instructors have the ability to use them as a profit center.

The S.E.I. Air Dive Tables have been included in the best course text in the industry Scuba Diving by Dennis Graver, 4th edition.  This text is required for all S.E.I. Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses.

S.E.I. offers individually tailored programs to suit the needs of student divers.  We do not subscribe to the 'one system of teaching' applying to all.  Our approach affords our students a personal system of instruction that cannot be matched through any distance learning method.  We monitor and guide the progress of our students.

S.E.I. is suited for either large or small programs due to the versatility of our publications, materials, and teaching methodologies.

S.E.I. leadership members and divers are the ethical stewards of the underwater environment. 

S.E.I. promotes strong values as well as healthy minds and bodies in all our teaching.

S.E.I.s continuing series of diver education programs offered, is designed to prepare divers to fully engage the sport of diving on new and extended levels.  Rather than a series of 'specialty ratings' that rely on the student to integrate for a particular situation, our training system prepares the complete diver at each skill level. 

S.E.I. divers are prepared for the waters they enter from a sound, progressive training program. Continuing education is the key to success in any endeavor. 

S.E.I. offers to prospective instructors, not only an educational based training program, but the ability to build long term relationships with their students.  Having such a program helps the instructor sell not only equipment to their students, but also upgrade training, trips, and promotional products.  Having more contact with students gets them in the sponsoring dive store more often.  Each time a student comes into the store, an opportunity is present to sell them gear and services.  An open water class that is completed over one weekend only allows very limited and rushed exposure to students.  These abbreviated sessions do not build customer loyalty to the dive store or the instructor.

S.E.I.s counselors and advisors on medical and legal aspects of scuba training provide the agency with unique, long-time experience in these important fields.  A member of our Advisory Committee wrote the first protocols for asthmatic and diabetic divers and has made them available to the industry.

S.E.I. values the Business of Diving and incorporates it into its professional teaching programs to ensure that leadership candidates emerge from the instructor programs ready to integrate successfully into the business community.