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Become a Diver

Open Water Courses

Open water refers to open bodies of water such as a lakes or oceans.  As you learn to become an open water diver, you will first have classroom and pool training which will prepare you for diving in open water.  There are many levels of open water training depending on your personal interests.

Snorkeling for Families 

A family friendly sporting activity for all ages.  Learn to explore the beautiful underwater scenes below while swimming on the surface. 

I Tried Scuba 

This is an introductory experience to try out scuba diving to see if you would like to take a complete scuba diving course.  Often it will be held on one evening with a little classroom training before heading to the pool to try out the gear. 

Open Water Diver

This first entry level scuba diving class combines classroom and pool sessions to help you learn the techniques and skills needed to become comfortable and confident while scuba diving in open water. 

Junior Open Water Diver 

Students aged 12 - 15 years of age can learn to scuba dive, but under the permission and supervision of a parent or legal guardian. 

Diver Refreshed 

If you have been out of the water for an extended period of time, you may find yourself a little apprehensive about returning to the sport.  This course will help refresh your mind and your skills so you can more fully enjoy the scuba diving experience.

The following courses add to your training and skills by offering more experiences and dives in open water:  

Advanced Open Water Diver Level 2

Advanced Open Water Diver Level 3

Master Scuba Diver Level 4



Specialty Courses

Scuba diving is a very rewarding activity. Numerous hobbies are integrated into the underwater environment. Our specialty courses permit the diver to gain comprehensive abilities in virtually any field of aquatic endeavor. Please be aware, some instructors may not have the credentials to teach every specialty.

Specialty Certification Courses

DRAM - Diver Rescue and Accident Management
Nitrox Diver
Equipment Service
Ice Diver
Full Face Mask Diver
Reef Ecology Diver
Search and Recovery
Dry Suit Diver


Leadership Courses

If you are interested in a leadership role in scuba diving, whether helping new scuba students practice or teaching new scuba instructors, then one of the following courses is for you.  Each level has certain mandatory prerequisites to participate in the course and specific skills required to pass the course.


Entry level leadership course - learn to assist a scuba instructor in the classroom or pool or become trained to work on a dive boat leading scuba diving tours and expeditions. 

Assistant Instructor

This next level of leadership will require more contribution, assistance and training in both the classroom and pool settings while working under the direction of a certified scuba Instructor.  


An instructor is able to teach others to become Divemasters or Assistant Instructors.  And in addition to teaching all levels of Open Water courses, Instructors, if specifically certified, can teach specialty courses such as Nitrox, wreck diving, or diver rescue and accident management. 

Instructor Trainer 

Instructor Trainers are able to teach all that Instructors can teach with the addition of teaching and training new scuba Instructors.


Leadership Crossover 

Individuals that are interested in switching to our program, who have been certified and trained through other scuba agencies, can do so through a crossover.