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About Us

Scuba Educators International:

  • Is a world-wide organization founded upon the principles of quality education
  • Holds firm in our high standards and requirements
  • Believes that a full education truly makes the difference when our students go diving

Our Courses:

  • Require more classroom, confined water and open water training with an emphasis on skill compentence through practice
  • Are designed for students to realize the mazimum benefits of this sport
  • Are simply laid out for our instructors and are easy to use

Our Students:

  • Become more confident and comfortable because of practice and preparation
  • Are comprised of teenagers through to adults
  • Develop friendships with their classmates and instructors leading to a lifetime of diving experiences

Our Instructors:

  • Prepare our students for the wonderful and exciting experience of scuba diving and exploration of our underwater world
  • Have access to in-depth resources and educational materials
  • appreciate the flexibility in presentation style

We Offer:

  • Scuba training resulting in certification for a lifetime of underwater adventures
  • Continuing educational opportunities for individuals interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in specialties such as Diver Rescue and Accident Management (DRAM), Nitrox, and more
  • Leadership training from Divemaster through Instructor Trainer and Course Director


Learn about our organization's philosophy, creed, vision and motto.

Organizational Standards

S.E.I. meets and exceeds WRSTC standards and is the only agency in the US to offer CMAS certifcations under USOA.

Meet Our Founder & CEO - Tom Leaird

SEI International

S.E.I. is international in scope and has instructors in many US states and numerous countries across the world.  It also has affiliates in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Italy.

History of Scuba in the United States


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