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What items will I need to scuba dive?

Your instructor will let you know what you will need.  Some items you may need to purchase while other items may be provided by your instructor.  You will need a swim suit or appropriate atire to wear while swimming and scuba diving.  The mask, snorkel and fins are generally the items new divers need to purchase while tanks (cylinders) and other gear may be included as part of the course fees.  Mask, snorkel and fins need to be fitted so they best suit each individual diver properly and comfortably.

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How long does it take to get certified?
The length of time it takes to certify will depend on what course you are taking and your instructor. As each instructor sets his or her own class schedule, they may meet once a week or more.  While in a university setting, the course may run for a full semester.  Our open water course requires a minimun of 24 hours of training and successful completion of specific skills.  We believe that when a diver is confident and comfortable in their skills through practice, they will enjoy the dive experience so much more and will continue to dive. Back to top

Why do I need to be certified?

If you would like to rent or use scuba equipment, purchase air refills for cylinders (tanks) or charter services on either a diving boat or an excursion, in the US and throughout most of the world, you will need to be certified.  There are potentially serious health risks without proper training.

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What is the difference between S.E.I. and other scuba certification agencies?

Scuba certification agencies should recognize and teach WRSTC standards, which we do.  We believe in an emphasis on competence through skills-based training and that it takes practice to become both comfortable and confident in scuba diving.  When a diver is comfortable, he or she is more likely to enjoy the diving experience and will likely continue to dive.  Therefore, we do not offer short courses, but instead require a minimun of 24 hours training for an Open Water certification.  This is one of the main differences between us and other agencies. 

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How long is a certification good for?

Open Water Diver certifications are a lifetime certification but it is up to the individual to maintain his or her skills.  Certified Leadership such as Instructors must renew and recertify every year.

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How much does it cost to take scuba lessons?

The actual costs will vary by Instructor as the fees of pool time, open water dives and equipment rental vary by location.  Scuba diving is a little more expensive than other recreational activities.  Some items you may need to purchase while other items will be provided and included in course fees.

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