SEI Diving


Open Water Courses

Snorkeling for Families  

Snorkeling for Families introduces individuals and families to the recreation of exploring underwater magic from above. Because there is no age requirement for snorkeling, it is an activity that can be shared by the whole family.

Open Water Diver

The SEI Diving Open Water Diver course is for individuals ages 12 and older.  Learning to scuba dive is safe and affordable, and requires a modest amount of training.  In order to earn a scuba certification, you will participate in classroom sessions, practice essential diving skills in a pool and experience several open water dives.  Divers between 12 - 15 years of age will be certified as Junior Open Water Divers.


Advanced Open Water Diver Level 2

The SEI Advanced Open Water Diver course is for divers who want to expand their knowledge and diving experience to include a variety of diving environments. The course provides an introduction to specialty diving, and features five open water dives, including a night dive.

Advanced Open Water Diver Level 3

This course includes additional classroom training and adds ten additional dives to the diver's experience. Open water diving is the primary objective of this course with classroom training designed to augment the knowledge presented to Open Water divers.


Master Scuba Diver Level 4

This course and certification is the highest and most prestigious non-leadership rating that may be attained by an SEI Diving diver. It is considered the supreme standard of diving excellence and recognition of expert training. This course of instruction is often offered to students over a period of time rather than in a formal class environment. In this way, students can build knowledge and skills while meeting all the completion requirements including other specialty courses.