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Leadership Crossover

Leadership Crossover 

Instructors currently certified and in good standing with another agency can cross over and become SEI Diving Instructors by completing the Instructor Crossover Institute. A portion of the institute is dedicated to giving the candidates an appreciation of the philosophies of SEI Diving. The Instructor Trainer, through testing and evaluation, ensures that the candidate will be a credit to our program.


  1. 18 years of age or older.
  2. Medical exam with physician's approval. The medical exam must be for scuba diving and completed less than one year prior to the beginning of the Crossover Institute.
  3. Statement of Understanding/Waiver & Release completed and signed.
  4. Hold an SEI Diving DRAM certification or nationally recognized dive rescue certification.
  5. Active teaching status, Instructor with a recognized scuba certification agency with no verified quality assurance complaints.
  6. Have logged a minimum of 100 scuba dives. An up-to-date logbook must be presented by the candidate.
  7. Hold current certification in each of the following:
    • First Aid (NSC, ARC, AHA, ASHI or equivalent).
    • CPR (NSC, AHA, ARC, ASHI or equivalent) at Health Care Provider/Professional Rescuer level.
    • Oxygen Provider (DAN or equivalent).
  8. To be considered for any SEI Diving Program Leadership certification, the candidate/student must not have any standards violations or have been dismissed from the SEI Diving Program or any other SCUBA certification agency. This prerequisite may be waived with written permission from the SEI Diving Regional Representative and SEI Diving CEO prior to training.

Required Materials

In addition to the above prerequisites, Instructor and Crossover Instructor candidates must have the following materials with the latest revisions:  

  • SEI Diving Standards and Procedures Manual.
  • SEI Diving Open Water Diver Instructor Guide.
  • SEI Diving Diver Rescue Diver and Accident Management Manual.
  • SEI Diving Leadership Preparation Manual.
  • SEI Diving Air Diving Tables.
  • Diving Fundamentals for Leadership (the text for SEI Diving leadership training)

Note: Instructors from other agencies with considerable experience may be required to complete less than is stated here for crossover into SEI Diving. Please consult the SEI Diving Standards and Procedures Manual, Part II, Instructor Crossover section.