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Leadership Courses

Leadership Courses

There are two paths to becoming an SEI Leadership member. 

The first is to advance through each successive level, gaining more skills, confidence, training and certifications. 

The second is to cross over as a leadership member from another agency. 

The prerequisites and materials needed for each level are noted in detail on the following pages. 


Learn to assit a scuba instructor in the classroom, pool and open water or become a divemaster on a diving vessel. 

Assistant Instructor

With advanced training, become more skilled in teaching scuba skills and techniques under the direction of a scuba instructor.


Teach scuba divers, train divers in specialty courses and certify Divemasters and Assistant Instructors.

Instructor Trainer

In addition to all Instructor abilities and privileges, certify new instructors.

Leadership Crossover

Bring whatever training and abilities to our organization and we can build on those to help you meet and represent SEI Diving Leadership standards.