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This program is designed as the next phase of instruction in the SEI Diving Scuba leadership series.  Instructor certification permits an individual to teach and certify scuba students. The Instructor must always promote safe diving and uphold the standards of SEI Diving. The Instructor should also develop scuba leadership for SEI Diving by instructing Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and assisting in programs for new Instructors.

Instructor Institutes include at least 35 to 40 hours of classroom, pool and open water time. Certification renewal and proof of insurance is required annually.


  1. 18 years of age or older.
  2. At least one year of diving experience since entry-level certification.
  3. Medical exam with physician's approval. The medical exam must be for scuba diving and completed less than one year prior to the beginning of the institute. The exam used for Assistant Instructor certification, may be used only if within this one-year requirement. The medical questionnaire used in entry and advanced level classes is not acceptable to meet this requirement.
  4. Statement of Understanding/Waiver & Release completed and signed.
  5. Hold an SEI Diving DRAM certification, or be certified in scuba rescue by another recognized agency. DRAM training may be included as training hours for Instructor certification
  6. Have completed requirements for certification as an SEI Diving Divemaster
  7. Complete requirements for or be certified as an SEI Diving Assistant Instructor. (The candidate must have completed Assistant Instructor training even though the certification card may not have arrived.
  8. Instructor candidates are required to have a minimum of 60 logged dives since entry-level certification and a minimum 100 logged dives before completing Instructor training. An up-to-date logbook must be presented by the candidate. The 60 prerequisite dives must include at least 5 categories from the list below:
    • 10 dives to greater than 80 feet.
    • 10 dives utilizing full wet suit including hood and gloves or dry suit.
    • 10 dives using minimal thermal protection, i.e. dive skin or shorty.
    • 10 night dives.
    • 10 low visibility dives (less than 3 feet visibility).
    • 10 fresh water dives.
    • 10 salt water dives.
    • 10 dives in surf, drift or current conditions.
    • 4 diving specialty certifications.
  9. Show proof of scuba teaching experience as follows:
    • 15 hours of lecture experience
    • 18 hours of pool teaching
    • Assisting in at least three separate open-water class checkout sessions

    Note: On 9 above, proof of lecture, water teaching and open-water checkout training must be in the form of a letter from the candidate's sponsoring Instructor. In some cases, this experience may be gained by assisting an Instructor that certifies for another agency. Waiver of this requirement may be made only by the SEI Diving CEO.

  10. Current First Aid certification (NSC, AHA, ARC, ASHI or equivalent)
  11. Current CPR certification (NSC, AHA, ARC, ASHI or equivalent) (Health Care Provider or equivalent)
  12. Current Oxygen Provider certification (DAN or equivalent)
  13. Have a current SEI Diving Leadership Standards and Procedures Manual
  14. To be considered for any SEI Diving Program Leadership certification, the candidate/student must not have any standards violations or have been dismissed from the SEI Diving Program or any other scuba certification agency. This prerequisite may be waived with written permission from the SEI Diving Regional Representative and SEI Diving CEO prior to training.

Previous Level:  Assistant Instructor

Next Level:  Instructor Trainer

Optional Courses:  Specialty Courses

From Another Agency:  Leadership Crossover