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Instructor Trainer

Instructor Trainer 

The Scuba Educators International Instructor Trainer program is designed to provide the Scuba Educators International Instructor the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in the effective and efficient training and certification of Scuba Educators International Instructors through the Instructor and Crossover Institutes.


1.  Minimum age 21.

2.  Medical Questionnaire or medical by Physician within 1 year. 

3.  Statement of Understanding/Waiver and Release completed and signed.

4.  Specialty certification in DRAM Rescue, and one other specialty credential.

5.  Scuba Educators International Instructor for a minimum of 2 years teaching experience with no verified quality assurance complaints.

6.  Complete the Scuba Educators International Leadership Instructor Trainer course.

7.  Minimum of 200 logged dives.

8.  Teaching experience at several levels and trained and certified a minimum of 150 students as the primary certifying Instructor to include the following:

      a.   At least 50 Scuba Educators International Open Water divers, including specialty and leadership certifications.

      b.   At least three of the following: 

            (1)  20 Advanced Open Water Diver or Advanced Plus Divers.

            (2)  20 DRAM Rescue Divers.

            (3)  5 Divemasters.

            (4)  5 specialty certifications (other than DRAM).

            (5)  5 Assistant Instructors.

9.  Staffed at least one previous complete Scuba Educators International Instructor Institute and served on at least one review board within the past two years.

10.  Hold current certification in each of the following:

      a.   First Aid (NSC, ARC, AHA, ASHI or equivalent).

      b.   CPR (NSC, AHA, ARC, ASHI or equivalent) Health Care Provider/Professional Rescuer.

      c.   Oxygen Provider (DAN or equivalent).

11.  To be considered for any Scuba Educators International Leadership certification, the candidate/student must not have any standards violations or have been dismissed from Scuba Educators International or other scuba certification agency.

Previous Level:  Instructor

Optional Courses:  Specialty Courses

From Another Agency:  Leadership Crossover