SEI Diving




This course is the first in the progression of leadership courses that leads to becoming an SEI Diving Instructor.

A certified SEI Diving Divemaster may provide on-site leadership for groups of certified divers during recreational scuba dives or for students during training under the supervision of an SEI Diving Instructor in accordance with SEI Diving standards. Divemasters may conduct the tour portion of the entry-level Open Water certification after the first dive and evaluation of skills has been completed by an Instructor. At no time may a Divemaster assume full responsibility for a scuba class.

The Divemaster course includes at least 38 hours of instruction involving classroom, pool and open water training. Any current SEI Diving Instructor can teach this program. The classroom portion includes staff lectures on Physics, Physiology, Diving Medical Aspects, Decompression Theory, Psychology of Stress, and many other topics. This material is at a level sufficient to provide knowledge for the students throughout the leadership program.

Certification renewal is required annually. Liability insurance for Divemasters working with an Instructor is recommended and is required when working alone.


  1. Age 18 years or older.
  2. Medical approval by a physician within the past 12 months.
  3. Statement of Understanding/Waiver and Release completed and signed.
  4. Hold an SEI Diving DRAM Rescue Diver certification or be certified in scuba rescue by another recognized agency
  5. Be a certified Open Water Diver with a recognized agency.
  6. Hold a current First Aid certificate (NSC, AHA, ARC, ASHI or equivalent).
  7. Hold a current CPR certificate (NSC, AHA, ARC, ASHI or equivalent)
  8. To be considered for any SEI Diving Program Leadership certification, the candidate/student must not have any standards violations or have been dismissed from the SEI Diving program or any other scuba certification agency. This prerequisite may be waived with written permission from the SEI Diving Regional Representative and SEI Diving CEO prior to training.
  9. Hold a current O2 Provider certification prior to certification as a Divemaster
  10. Have a current SEI Diving Leadership Standards and Procedures Manual

Next Level:  Assistant Instructor

Optional Courses:  Specialty Courses

From Another Agency:  Leadership Crossover