SEI Diving


Organizational Standards

WRSTC/ Government Standards

Scuba Educators International standards and requirements meet and exceed WRSTC standards.  WRSTC, the World Recreational Scuba Training Council is "dedicated to the worldwide safety of the recreational diving public. As such, one of the WRSTC’s primary goals is the development of worldwide minimum training standards."

CMAS equivilency through USOA

CMAS is the Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques and the World Underwater Federation.

USOA is the Underwater Society of America and is a charter member of CMAS acting as the sanctioning body for underwater sports in the United States.

Scuba Educators International is the only organization with the authorization to offer CMAS certifications for scuba instructors and scuba divers in the United States.  To obtain a CMAS certification, you must meet certain minimum requirements.

CMAS Certification:  S.E.I. Standards


1 Star Diver:   S.E.I. Open Water Diver (aged 15 and older)

2 Star Diver:   S.E.I. Advanced Open Water Diver Level 2 (aged 15 and older with 20 logged dives)

3 Star Diver:   S.E.I. Advanced Open Water Diver Level 3 (aged 16 and older with 50 logged dives)

4 Star Diver:   S.E.I. Master Diver (with DRAM Certification and 100 logged dives)


1 Star Instructor:   S.E.I. Divemaster (aged 18 and older with 40 logged dives)

2 Star Instructor:   S.E.I. Instructor (aged 19 and older with 100 logged dives)

3 Star Instructor:   S.E.I. Instructor Trainer (aged 21 and older with 200 logged dives)