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S.E.I. Who?

Scuba Educators International (S.E.I) was formed when the YMCA decided to sunset its YScuba program after 50 years of service.  S.E.I. continues this tradition of excellence and quality in providing knowledge and skill-based courses for scuba divers.

S.E.I. is international in scope with instructors in many US states and in numerous countries around the world with corporate offices located in Muncie, Indiana, USA., 

S.E.I. is poised to continue growing into a strong, innovative, and dynamic international scuba education program.


S.E.I. is the only US organization to offer dual certifications with CMAS through the Underwater Society of America

CMAS was founded in 1959 and is one of the world's oldest scuba diving organizations.  CMAS is the premier diving program across Europe and throughout much of the world.   According to CMAS its "entry-level training is more extensive, featuring more 'classroom' delivered theory and strives to produce more experienced, knowledgeable and skilled divers." S.E.I. and CMAS believe that quality education emphasising diving safety over profits is most important.

"SEI stands for safety, education, & integrity.  We have high standards, respect for the students and a responsibility to turn out the best of the best."


Diane T., S.E.I. Instructor Trainer in MI

Latest News

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Executive Director, Thadeus Bowden visits with SEI Korea representatives and SEI Singapore leadership during the April 2015 ADEX show in Singapore.


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Executive Director, Thadeus Bowden visits with SEI & PDIC Italia delegation at the 2015 EUDI Show in Bologna Italy.




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Glorious Galápagos

By Gabrielle Gabrielli, SEI Instructor

A trip that every experienced SCUBA diver should put on his or her bucket list is the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. I’ve had the pleasure of SCUBA diving all over the world, and nothing compares to diving there for big sea life! However, there is always a risk when you return to a place that was a trip of a lifetime.

The risk was more than worth it!  To read the complete article click here.