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S.E.I. Who?

Scuba Educators International (S.E.I) was formed when the YMCA decided to sunset its YScuba program after 50 years of service.  S.E.I. continues this tradition of excellence and quality in providing knowledge and skill-based courses for scuba divers.

S.E.I. is international in scope with instructors in many US states and in numerous countries around the world with corporate offices located in Muncie, Indiana, USA., 

S.E.I. is poised to continue growing into a strong, innovative, and dynamic international scuba education program.


S.E.I. is the only US organization to offer dual certifications with CMAS through the Underwater Society of America

CMAS was founded in 1959 and is one of the world's oldest scuba diving organizations.  CMAS is the premier diving program across Europe and throughout much of the world.   According to CMAS its "entry-level training is more extensive, featuring more 'classroom' delivered theory and strives to produce more experienced, knowledgeable and skilled divers." S.E.I. and CMAS believe that quality education emphasising diving safety over profits is most important.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You were so helpful in getting my certs to the dive shop fast!  I greatly appreciate it!  The dive was AMAZING!  I got to swim next to a leopard sharp, sting ray, lion fish, eel, snapper, oh my goodness I can't even name everything!


Thanks again,


Camille M., S.E.I. Open Water Diver while in Australia

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Mr Hakan Taspinar, SEI Instructor Trainer, has officially stepped in as the new YMCA Singapore Aquatics Director.


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A new law in the US - the "Sunken Military Craft Act" is about to take effect.  This act will impact the scuba diving industry.




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Drowning Prevention for Water Race Events, Including Triathlons

By Tom Leaird, SEI Instructor Trainer

I served as Water Safety Chairman for over twenty years at the annual Muncie, Indiana Endurathon.  In addition, I have served in a similar capacity for several other races of that type where swimming in open water precedes the bike and run portions of a triathlon.  I watched from the sidelines, as the Hawaii Iron Man race began – afraid that one of those hundreds of athletes would be lost without being noticed.  Throughout all those years, with thousands of athletes, we have been extremely fortunate to not lose a swimmer where I have been involved.  The greatest relief at every one of those races has been the announcement:  “All the bikes are out of the transition area.”  Now I can relax! 

This article offers insights and recommendations to anyone responsible for or participating in water safety at water race events.  To read the complete article click here.